How to Screen Record on iPhone?

If you want to know how to screen record on iPhone or iPad? the process is simple. Of course, you can still take screenshots and use its tools to draw and annotate something on your screen, but sometimes recording – complete with audio – is the best route. You’ll need to have the iOS 11 or later update installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but that’s the only requirement.

Before you can start using the Screen Recorder tool, you need to add the Features button to Control Center. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Control Center > Adjust Controls, then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording.

How to screen record with sound on iPhone?

By default, the audio from your iPhone will be recorded when you record screen on iPhone. If you want to include voiceover or narrative in your iPhone screen recording, you can do so with a simple installation. Let us see how to record a screen with audio on your iPhone.

Step 1: Slide down from the top right corner of your iPhone (or swipe up depending on your iOS) to open the Control Center and long-press the “Screen Record” icon.

Step 2: Now tap on the Microphone icon. It will turn red. Next, click on the “Start Recording” button.

Now you are recording your screen with audio. Start talking to record a how-to video or any other type of video you like.

Note: You cannot record streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video using this function on your iPhone as it violates the terms and conditions of these services.

Step 3: To stop recording, tap on the red status bar at the top left of your screen. Tap “Stop.” Your recorded video is automatically saved in your photos. You can also open Control Center and tap the Record button again to stop recording your screen.

How to screen record on iPhone X?

The iPhone can stand out because it always gives users a convenient experience to make everything easier. Unsurprisingly, iOS devices offer users a convenient solution for screen recording on the iPhone X. It’s free for all users. Also, the Built-in recorder owns multiple functions to meet almost all daily needs.

  1. In the first step, go to Settings.
  2. Second, choose Control Center —> Customize Controls.
  3. Now, add it to the quick menu screen recording icon.
  4. Afterwards, navigate to the location where you want to start recording, home screen, browser app, etc., and slide up from the bottom to open Control Center.
  5. There, you can also toggle the microphone on/off by tapping and holding your finger in the screen recorder icon.
  6. Then, tap the on-screen recording icon and get ready to record for 3 seconds.
  7. Excellent! If your screen recording is working properly, you should see a big red circle in the controls or a red bar at the top of the screen.
  8. To stop recording, tap the red stripe and continue by stopping on the small notification.
  9. Great job! Visit the gallery to find your new screen record!

How to screen record on iPhone XR?

How good is the iPhone XR? We all know the answer to this. However, there is one thing that not everyone knows. There is a built-in screen recorder that comes with your favorite iPhone XR. You can capture your favorite game moments or record video calls with your loved ones using this tool. Let us discuss how to screen record on iPhone XR.

  • Navigate to Settings >> Control Center. Add a screen recorder to the Control Center app list.
  • Close Control Center and swipe up, tap on the Screen Recorder option.
  • Launch the application you want to enter. It can be a game, a video, etc.
  • To stop screen recording on the iPhone, press the screen recording icon.
  • You can find your recordings in local photo albums.

Easy right? It is the simplest way to screen record in iPhone XR.

How to screen record on iPhone 8?

  • Firstly, open the app or website you want to record
  • Swipe up to pull up the Control menu (iPhone 8 or earlier) or pull down the menu from the top right corner (iPhone X or later)
  • Tap the Crescent Moon button to turn on Do Not Disturb, which will temporarily delay calls and notifications. This is useful because you record everything you see, including notifications, when you record your screen on iPhone. If you press and hold the Do Not Disturb button, you’ll see more options, such as turning off notifications only for an hour or timing out when you want to stop.
  • Tap the Screen Recording button to start recording when you’re still in control. Once you press the screen record button, a timer will start, giving you three seconds before recording. Tap the screen to hide the control menu.

You are now ready to record video and audio on your iPhone – although you will not record any audio that is not produced by your phone. If you want to record yourself speaking (or any other external sound) as well as the sound playing on your phone, you’ll need to turn on your microphone:

Before starting recording, Press and hold the screen recording button:

  1. Tap the microphone button on the popup screen to turn on the microphone.
  2. Click on the “Start Recording.” The countdown will start in this window.
  3. Tap anywhere on the screen to exit the screen and on the next screen to close Control Center.

Remember that once you turn on the microphone, it will be on the next time you record your screen until you go back in and turn it off.

To stop recording, turn up (or down) to access Control Center again and tap the Record button again.

Unless you have Media open (for example, you’re watching a YouTube video or an Instagram story), you’ll see a red bar at the top of your screen (or in the top left if you have a newer iPhone). If you tap that bar, you’ll get a popup window asking if you want to stop recording. Tap “Stop.” The video will be stored in your Photos app along with your photos and videos.

How to screen record on iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 is one of the most popular iPhone variants as it has many attractive features that make the user feel value for money. The smartphone is known for its excellent properties and specifications, even after the global launch of Apple Inc.’s latest addition to iOS devices, called the iPhone SE 2. Let us discuss how to screen record on iPhone 11.

  • Unlock your iPhone 11. Go to your “iPhone Settings.”
  • Just open “Control Center“. Click on “Customize Controls.”
  • Now, click on the “+” icon next to “Screen Recording.”
  • iPhone 11, iPhone X, or iPad with iOS 12 or later, or iPadOS users need to slide down from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, Press on the empty “O” icon at the bottom and tap on the microphone.
  • Tap Start Recording, then wait three seconds for the countdown.
  • Open Control Center and tap the red blank “O” icon at the bottom or tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap Stop.

Note that this feature allows you to record your screen activity and everything you do after turning it on. However, some apps like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and more may not allow you to record the screen and may go blank when you try. 

This means that only certain apps that do not violate the privacy policy can be recorded, such as Instagram and Facebook, can use screen recording on iPhone 11 effectively by using the method mentioned above.

How to screen record on iPhone 12?

If you want to record screen on iPhone 12, you need to add a screen recording feature to Control Center. Below are the steps on how to turn on screen recording in iPhone 12.

  • Go to “Settings > Control Center“.
  • Scroll down to “Screen Recording” and tap the “+” next to it. This will add the screen recording feature to the Control Center. You can also reposition the screen recorder by dragging it up or down or clicking the “-” to remove it from Control Center.

Now that you have added the screen recording feature to Control Center, here are the steps to record screen on iPhone.

There are cases when you need someone to walk you through a tutorial and keep your microphone on. Here are the steps for this:

  • Wipe down from the top right and press the “Screen Recorder” icon to open Control Center. A popup window will appear.
  • Tap the “Microphone Off” button to turn it on. Now, tap on “Start Recording” to start the recording screen with audio.

Sometimes, all you need may be to record video without audio-only. However, this is already a default option when recording screen on iPhone 12.

For this purpose, follow the steps given below:-

  • Dry from the top right to access Control Center, and tap the “Screen Recorder” icon.
  • After a countdown of 3 seconds, the screen recording begins.
  • Once the recording starts, you can do whatever you want to record.
  • When you’re finished, tap Recording Time in the top left corner of the screen to stop screen recording.

Although screen recording on iPhone 12 is quite simple, many users struggle to find their screen recording videos.

How to screen record on iPhone 13?

Recording your iPhone 13’s screen to video with audio can be very useful for a tutorial or demonstration to identify how to do certain tasks in Apple iPhone 13. Follow these steps to record screen on iPhone 13.

  • First, we need to check that we have an active screen recording control in our iPhone 13 (if we already have it, we can skip to point 5). To check this, we go to iPhone Settings. It’s the gear icon that appears on the Home screen of your Apple iPhone 13.
  • We go down through the menu on the left until we find the “Control Center” section and click on it, then on “Customize Controls.”
  • If the screen recording is already activated, it will first appear in the “Include” section on our iPhone 13. We can change the order by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the right side of the control and dragging them up or down. We can also remove the control by clicking the red button on the left.
  • If that active control doesn’t appear, we go down, and in the “More controls” section, it will appear, click the green + button to add it. Once this step is done, we can exit the iPhone 13 Settings.
  • (iPhone 7 and below and iPad with iOS 11 or earlier) Swipe down from the screen where you want the video to start. (iPhone X, iPad with iOS 12 or iPadOS) Drag from the top right corner of the screen where you want to start the video.
  • If you want to record video on your Apple iPhone 13 without using the microphone, press the recording icon. A 3-second countdown will start. Then the recording starts. You’ll see a red line and the word “recording” at the top of the screen, which indicates that everything that happens on the screen is recorded. If you want to record video using the microphone and the iPhone 13’s sound, (this is useful, for example, as an app to recognize or record a message while recording video from Apple’s iPhone 13 screen). To explain the operation Press and hold the button on the microphone to activate or deactivate and press “Start Recording” a 3-second countdown will begin, and then recording will begin.
  • To stop recording, you can open Control Center (Point 5 of this tutorial) and press the Stop Record button or click the red line in the status bar at the top of the screen and press “Stop.”
  • A message will appear at the top of your Apple iPhone 13 screen saying that the screen recording video has been saved to “Photos” (formerly known as Camera Roll).
  • To view and share your video recording from the screen of your Apple iPhone 13, go to the Photos app, where you’ll find it in the last position.
  • In your iPhone 13, you can store screen recordings in videos thanks to its 128GB, 256GB, 512GB internal memory.

How to Record Screen on iPhone 14?

  • With iOS 14, go to your iPhone Settings > Control Center. Then click the Add button next to Screen Recording.
  • Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad.
  • Touch and hold the gray Record button, then tap the microphone.
  • Tap Start Recording, then wait three seconds for the countdown.
  • To stop recording, open Control Center, then tap the red Record button. Or tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap Pause.

Go to the Photos app and choose your screen recording.

How to View Screen Recording on an iPhone?

You can check your iPhone’s saved screen recordings by simply going to the Photos app. You can also edit videos and do much more with the Photos app’s internal video editor.

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