Drop a Pin on Google Maps on Mobile/Desktop

Have you ever saved or pinned a location on your Google map. Not only the WhatsApp has the option of pinning a chat, but also the Google maps also provides an option of drop a pin. Thus, we are going to explain how to use Google Maps’ drop a pin feature.

Google maps helps the users in many ways. It can show the best routes depending on the requirements of the user. It gives the bestest route with which the user can reach in a short span of time.

It shows directions according to the mode of transport like walk, road, car, bike, bus, train or even sometimes planes with the charges paid. Millions of users around the world uses this application to find and navigate their ways.

Recently, it had led one user to the flooded area and it has created a lot of problems. But it gives a good benefits to the user in case of unknown areas and places. The Google map serves as a good guide in such situations, helping to navigate the tourist places, hotels, restaurants, malls, railway station, airports etc.

What is drop a pin on Google maps?

The pin on Google maps is nothing but the user can save the direction or routes for the future purposes. It can be saved for using it in the offline mode without any network connection.

If the particular direction or location or address is pinned on the Google map, that can be shared or forwarded to the groups whomever is needed.

For example, we can say, if one user had visited a tourist place, by pinning that location on the Google map, he saves the place in his Google account and also he can share that beautiful place to his friends and family.

This is the most advantage found with pinning the location on the Google map. It also helps to see the direction when the user is in the no network area or lagging of network. And sometimes it helps to correct the wrong area with which the user travel.

Pinning a particular location or address on Google map can be done from anywhere and every mobile phones, either Android or iOS, and desktops too.  It’s very easy to learn about how to drop a pin on Google maps.

How to Drop a Pin on Google maps in Android phone?

You can drop a pin on Google Maps by following these simple steps:-

  • First, open the Google maps app in your Android device.
  • Search for the address or location where you want to reach.
  • After seeing the particular address or location on your screen, have a long press on your screen to make a pin on that location.
  • After clicking a long press, small pop-up notification will appear with the details of full address or location.
  • You can now click on that location details to proceed further.
  • Also, you can save that location on your profile.
  • It can be used for searching directions too.
  • In advanced mode, directly you can share that pinned location to your friend’s phone numbers or friend’s groups.

How to drop a pin on iphone?

In order to drop a pin on an iPhone, you must follow the same steps as you would on an Android device. Here are the steps to drop a pin on in iphone:

  • Open the Google maps app.
  • Search or navigate the required location you want to reach.
  • After the screen shows your destination, have a long click or press on the screen.
  • After the long press, the screen will notify you with the small pop-up details showing your desired location or address.
  • You can save it for further use or you can share it with your friends and family members.
  • You can also see the pop-up notification for further details about the location or the address you want.

How to drop a pin on Google maps in laptop/desktop?

You can also use drop a pin on your laptop. The following steps will guide you through the process of dropping a pin on your laptop.

  • Open the Google maps app Page in your desktop.
  • Search for the location or address you required.
  • After finding it, give a left click over the exact location.
  • A small pop-up notification will appear on the screen with the grey colored icon giving details about the location.
  • Then, click that information box that is already appeared on the screen.
  • Thereby, a new tab will open at the left hand side of the screen, where more information and details about the address or location required is given.

These are the ways to know or learn how to drop a pin on Google maps in Android device, iOS device and PC or desktops.

Uses of Dropping a Pin:

What is the most effective use of dropping a pin on Google maps? How it helps? The best benefit we get is that, if the user is not sure about the address or details of the particular location he required, then the dropping pin becomes very essential or necessary for the navigation process to the user.     

The uses of dropping a pin on Google maps varies according to the device he uses to drop a pin. Each device gives the user its own advantages and benefits. Commonly, the user can save the pinned location to his Google account, or he can save it in his own profile, or he can share that pinned location to their friends and family members directly from his page.

The places can be of any type- private or public. It can be shared very easily to multiple people at the same time by dropping a pin. Even the pinned location can be shared via email connected with the Google accounts.

Disadvantages of Dropping a Pin:

The disadvantage is the user cannot drop a pin for two locations at the same time on the Google maps. It requires separate operations to drop a pin at the same time for two locations. One cannot find direction between the two dropped pins for the locations. Sometimes it gives wrong directions and results in disappointment to the users of the Google maps services.


Even though it poses certain advantages and disadvantages, it helps us to find a lot of places in our difficult situations and gives us a peaceful travel and fun during our expeditions. Dropping a pin is one among the benefits given by the Google maps application to its users. So, let us save more locations and have fun using Google maps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – How to Drop a Pin

  1. What is “dropping a pin,” and why would I want to do it?
    • Dropping a pin is a common way to mark a specific location on a map or in a navigation app. You might want to do it to remember a place, share it with others, or get directions to that location.
  2. How do I drop a pin on Google Maps?
    • To drop a pin on Google Maps, open the app, tap and hold on the location you want to mark. A red pin will appear at that spot. You can then save or share it.
  3. Can I drop a pin on Apple Maps?
    • Yes, you can drop a pin on Apple Maps. Simply tap and hold on the map where you want to place the pin, and a red pin will appear. You can tap the pin for more options like saving or sharing.
  4. How do I drop a pin on a different navigation app or website?
    • The process may vary depending on the app or website, but typically, you can search for the location or manually tap and hold on the map to drop a pin. Look for a pin icon or an option like “mark location” or “add marker.”
  5. What are some practical uses for dropping pins?
    • Dropping pins can be useful for various purposes, such as:
      • Planning a meetup spot with friends.
      • Navigating to a remote hiking trailhead.
      • Noting the location of a favorite restaurant or shop.
      • Sharing your current location with someone for safety reasons.
      • Marking points of interest during a road trip.